Sunday, May 01, 2011

Dreams From His Father

And the beat goes on:

Harvard Sends Bamster Senior Packing?

So, why shouldn't Trump be asking about his grades?


Anonymous said...

Leadfoot gives Obama an A+ for killing Bin-Laden

Dweezil Dwarftosser said...


The original plan (which Obambi did nothing about - since August, when the hideaway was first classified as a 'high value target') called for bouncing the rubble from heavies well above small arms range.

Instead, he places men at grave risk on the ground, far from truly friendly territory, just to reclaim a bit of temporary approval.

Bravo to the folks at SOCOM for a job very well done. Kudos to the CIA and other intell folks who finally found a location that fit a secure hiding place for a weary OBL. Applause for George Bush and all of the others who set this in motion, and patiently worked almost a decade to find him - but found only where he had been.

Oh, and a pat on the head for Obama - for overcoming his fear of making decisions.