Sunday, May 29, 2011


When someone is a playwright, living and working in New York City or Los Angeles, they would be considered worldly and wise. Sort of like Sean Penn or Whoopie Goldberg, you know. But it is apparently possible for someone to be successful in that venue and able to see a forest as a gestalt of all of those trees.

Formerly Brain-Dead Liberal Speaks

There are some great comments there. Like these:
Diversity is a "commodity." College is nothing more than "Socialist Camp." Liberalism is like roulette addiction. Toyota's Prius, he tells me, is an "anti-chick magnet" and "ugly as a dogcatcher's butt." Hollywood liberals—his former crowd—once embraced Communism "because they hadn't invented Pilates yet."
That is what is referred to as telling it like it is. Now, if you want to understand the very core of liberal theology, I would concede that this is the clearest, most succinct view I've ever encountered:
"So it wasn't a great shift to adopt the tragic view, and it's much healthier," he says. "Rather than saying, as the liberals do, 'Everything's always wrong, there's nothing that's not wrong, there's something bad bad bad—there's a bad thing in the world and it's probably called the Jews,'" he says sardonically. "And if it's not called the Jews for the moment, it's their fiendish slave second-hand smoke. Or transfats. Or global warming. Or the Y2K. Or partially hydrogenated vegetable oil. And something must be done!'" 
That's the key. "Something" must be done to fix this and certainly the only people wise enough to know what that something should be are their fellow-travelers. Can't let the proles make those sorts of choices for themselves. Golly, they might even have to suffer consequences for their bad choices then.

This is a man worth paying attention to. His new book on political thoughts is releasing this week, and I've already got it pre-ordered for my Kindle.

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drjim said...

Yes, very interesting, indeed.
I'll see if it's preorder for the printed version.