Thursday, May 19, 2011

Got Plans For Saturday?

I hadn't figured on doing anything special until I caught wind of this story in the Dallas Morning Fishwrapper:

Retired Civil Engineer and Radio Host Has a Secret

I'll confess that the first inkling came to me from Doonesbury on the comics page and not from a news item. There is a certain irony in that I suppose. Seriously though, what is the probability that God would disclose to this guy the coming event? Was the surprise too tough for Him to keep under His hat?

I suppose this means that if I buy anything online today I should pay the extra for Fedex over-night shipping.

Here's the link to the latest info as well as streaming audio so you can stay updated:

Family Radio Countdown 

1 comment:

wilko said...

Yes. I'm flying Saturday. I'll stay high on the approach in the event the earth opens up.

An alternate might be problematic.