Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Gun Free Zone in Action

It's a trend nation-wide. Teen-age thugs enter a business and then proceed to violently trash it. 

Donuts Drive Dem Daffy

Did you watch the Fox News video? That's New York City where some of the most restrictive gun laws in the nation are in effect. It would seem that calling the police is what you are expected to do when something like that happens. And it would appear from the interviewee that response time is about ten minutes. So, how long did the rampage last?

Now, consider for a moment if any of those miscreants had been shooting or wielding a baseball bat against the store staff. How dead would you be, five minutes before the SWAT team arrived?

Explain to me again how concealed carry wouldn't be a good thing?


Murphy's Law said...

I consider a chair or table to be nearly as effective and deadly a weapon as a baseball bat...and I saw several of those savages using them as such. But we all know that as soon as someone shoots one of those hoodlums, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson will be racing each other to set up a protest, hold a press conference and file a lawsuit on behalf of any injured or dead "playful youth" that gets capped.

We know it, and THEY know it, which is why they feel empowered to do this stuff over and over again.

The Donald said...

Has the [Dunkin Donuts] Man been keeping them down again?

A couple of months ago I showed my teenaged sons (18 & 16), a teachable moment you might say, some YouTube videos from the aftermath of the Rodney King verdict, including the Reginald Denny beating.

They were incredulous, and asked me "This happened in our country?".

"Well it was actually California, but yeah, our country."

My older son could be an honorary Korean - he really got a kick out of the Korean shopkeepers' responses.