Thursday, May 05, 2011

Remember Freedom?

From inside the beltway, when you live in a government provided house and your office is just down the hall and you've got a fleet of very luxurious executive jets up to B-747 size and your groceries are delivered, it is easy to forget that this is a huge country and a couple of hundred million people actually have to own and drive their own vehicles to make a living.

It also may be difficult to understand that, being Americans, we've got this warped concept of going where we want, when we want and without government recording our movements. I'm just saying.

GPS Device Tells Mileage For Taxes

Despite the fawning about his fantastic intellect and his magnificent ability to deal with issues in creative manners while harboring a magical vision of an America in which all the people have everything they want and need while government tissues their collective butts, I've got to say this is the stupidest thing anyone could seriously propose.

Imagine the impact of this proposal on the economy. Contemplate the implications on your life.

Is this the First of April?

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