Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Famous Trio at NMUSAF

A famous trio was encountered at the National Museum of the USAF on Saturday Night:


Anonymous said...

I, along with many others, appreciate the effort both you and Christina invested to preserve the amazing story of Robin Olds' life and legacy.

Great photo and I hope you spared Ms. Olds the "Mig Sweep" during your festivities.

Ed Rasimus said...

Not a single MiG Sweep occurred, but there were one or two "deceased insects" mentioned.

nzgarry said...

What a nice photograph.
I have no idea what a Mig Sweep is but suspect that Alcohol and good humour/good times are involved.

Six said...

Lu says you're a handsome dog Ed. But then, she married me so I'm not sure how good her judgement is :)

Ed Rasimus said...

Yeah, Six, somewhere between Otto von Bismark and the Hindenberg itself. Don't light any matches nearby.