Saturday, May 07, 2011

Like a Playground Kid's Fight

Gitmo is good. Is not! Is! Isn't!

Waterboarding works! Does not! Does too!

It's a crime! No it isn't! Should have been! Wasn't!

Results Count When Keeping Score

What bothers me most about the debate is that the weak sisters and one-worlders don't seem to realize that war is not a game of taunts, but real people risking their lives for a very real purpose against very dangerous forces. It is very literally a pass/fail test and failure is not an option.

And what part of "ex post facto" and "bill of attainder" needs explaining to the administration?


Steve D said...


No longer on Face Book and don't have your email.

Is this you at 2:50? Not sure the bullet proof 'tash is good enough, but maybe it was soon after arriving at Takhli the first time...

Hope you are well.

Steve Davies

Ed Rasimus said...

Yes, also at extreme right at mission planning at 0:59. Footage is from both Korat and Takhli. I was at Korat and had only been there for about two weeks.

Steve D said...

Can you VID the other guys in the shot?

Dweezil Dwarftosser said...

"What part of 'ex post facto' and 'bill of attainder' needs explaining to the administration?"

Unfortunately, all of it - emphatically enough to leave the 'constitutional scholar' certain that we know HE knows, but chooses to disregard it.

Ed Rasimus said...

Steve: in the flight planning scene, I don't know the first guy on the left. Then it's Ray Lewis, Jim Mitchell, Bill Ricks and me. Ray was the guy who brought Roscoe to Korat.

Later at 4:57, the guy in the raft is Wayne Spelius and he was Pistol 2 in the story in When Thunder Rolled about "Bailouts and Bootleg Counters".

Steve D said...

Thanks, Ed.

Interesting to actually see some footage shot at the time that you were going through it all. Also fascinating to see the short Spelius clip.

Just re-read WTR and enjoyed it as much as the first time. Now reading Palace Cobra for the first time. I thought the plaque for Roscoe was a classy move by the Eagle squadron.