Saturday, May 28, 2011

Feel the Thunder

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The Donald said...

My recollections of the Vietnam War came from reports from Dan Rather, and later, Ed Bradley.

I registered for the Selective Service in 1978, and cast my first Presidential vote for Ronald Reagan in 1980 (having supported the idea of his nomination in high school debate in 1976).

It's a damn shame that now, as then (Vietnam War), our warriors are constrained for political reasons from using their skills and initiative to do the tasks that must be done. If there were fewer namby-pamby politicians, and more men, and women, of resolve - that wall wouldn't have to have 58,000 inscribed names.

At least today our returning soldiers, airmen, sailors, and marines no longer have to face humiliation wearing their uniforms at the airport or the mall.

Thank you, Ed, for your service then, and now, as you educate, and encourage critical thought.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!