Thursday, May 05, 2011

The Office of Disinformation

Remember Tony Snow? Remember Dana Perino?

The White House Press Secretary position is a very difficult job. It is a focus on probing questions by people who are very good at asking them. The don't settle for generalities and when your task is to clearly articulate the facts on the issue directly from whichever end of the horse those fact emanate, you've got to be sharp.

It helps to be intelligent. It is an asset beyond measure to have a sense of humor and a pleasant personality. Some gravitas is beneficial and being well-versed on the issues along with the administration position is absolutely essential.

Have you watched the press briefings for the last couple of weeks? I don't mean just the current round of shifting positions on the bin Laden mission, I mean the whole sequence. Tune in any time and be amazed.

Carney Blathers and Bumbles. Brits Notice

You feel sympathetic and a bit embarrassed for the guy who is very obviously in way over his head. It's like they throw him out to see if the sharks are really hungry this morning. If he is accurately portraying what is occurring inside the West Wing then we are in deep trouble.


Tam said...

I am surprised at the ongoing fumbles by the current administration.

Any new team, when it gets behind the levers in DC, looks clumsy at first. Even the Ozark Mafia, one of the slickest machines in the executive branch in the postwar era, were gaffe-prone and hag-ridden (no pun intended) for the first six months to a year.

But we're three years into this administration and it's still looking like the amateur hour follies at the White House.

Anna said...

Well they threw Osama to the sharks, why not the press secretary.

These folks in the White House are Keystone.