Friday, May 20, 2011

Biting the Hand

The Bamster has done it again and the timing has got to be intentional. On the eve of a visit from the Prime Minister of Israel, in a very clear insult to the long-time ally, he announces the ludicrous demand to revert to indefensible borders from more than 40 years ago. Essentially the Messiah has endorsed the concept of unprovoked surprise attack against a nation under the proviso that if you get your butt whipped and lose significant territory for your hutzpah, all will eventually be forgiven and you can get the mis-adventure wiped away. In the process you will also achieve your goal of the demise of the Jewish state.

Messiah Meets Bibi With Slap

The President has been in office for 28 months now. He has traveled extensively and kow-towed to every djellaba and kefiya clad leader in the Arab world. He's embraced every dictator and socialist thug he could find. But he hasn't found time to drop in socially to our staunchest ally in the region for tea and matzos. No Presidential visit to Jerusalem or Tel Aviv.

On the contrary, he has gone out of his way to insult, demean and undercut the State of Israel. When PM Netanyahu previously visited Washington, Obama was less than welcoming. This time he has laid out a position of unreasonable demands even before consultation. One has to question where he is going with this and who is advising him on foreign policy. What is the goal?

The real bottom line question, however, is how can the notoriously liberal American Jewish community continue to justify their support of the man? What is wrong with them?


drjim said...

The majority of them have apparently forgotten "NEVER Again"....

Anonymous said...

What we're seeing can be the result of one of two things: 1) It's complete diplomatic incompetence, or 2) It's calculated, to borrow a popular phrase, for throwing Israel under the bus. We should hope for the former, but even this gang can't possibly be that incompetent. No, they're doing this intentionally. The question is "Why?" There is a similar effort with respect to our relationship with Great Britain. I truly believe that this president has a vision for the United States that abdicates, even repudiates, it's cultural heritage in western civilization. I think that he sees himself as a symbol of cultural diversity perfectly suited to being a transforming milestone in American history. He wants the United States to disengage from its cultural past in order to engage greater attachment to Islam. There are too many "intellectuals" that agree with him. American society ultimately won't go along, and it's gonna get ugly.
Mike B.