Tuesday, May 03, 2011

The "I" Word

I've been listening for the Bamster's use of his favorite word as he discusses the bin Laden mission. It is found largely between the lines. It isn't as prominent as usual in Messiah messages. He needs to be very cautious because the evidence of responsibility for this victory does not point to him very strongly as a "person of interest." One could almost give more credit to Pervez Musharaff. And quite clearly, Pakistan deserves no credit at all.

How did we get the big dog? We got it through diligent intel work by a framework set up by the previous administration. We found out things from interrogation. The interrogations were done at Gitmo. They employed "enhanced techniques." They were conducted on unlawful enemy combatants, the sort of folks the administration considers unlawfully detained criminals with Constitutional rights to trials in the US.

How did the Bamster support this business? His first official act was to sign an executive order closing Gitmo by January 2010! He pursued charges against former interrogators and Justice Department officers for following approved methodologies for interrogations. He aggressively sought release of detainees. He set up firm date pull-outs from Iraq and now Afghanistan. He diplomatically kowtowed to Muslim leadership around the world seeking rapprochement with Hamas, Fatah and even elements of the Taliban. He sympathizes with PFC Manning and downplays Wikileaks.

Now he is being touted as taking a "courageous" stand and authorizing the raid when the Special Ops community had the red dot on UBL's forehead. What was courageous about being backed into a corner in which failure to act would have resulted in a total collapse of credibility? What other choice was open to him?

Even now he is waffling into his favorite position of submissiveness, rolling onto his back with his paws in the air. He shapes the message about "asked to surrender" and "Islamic burial rituals" and "respect for the deceased and his religion."

Will we see the "I" word coming to the fore as the situation doesn't generate the huge leap in poll popularity that he clearly thinks he deserves for blundering along in the string of circumstances established by those who have gone before and those who train to do this sort of thing extremely well?


bongobear said...

It's my opinion that we owe the success of this operation to the military, the intelligence community and George W. Bush. Obama is merely the beneficiary of other people's courage and dedication.

Snakeeater said...

What Bongobear said.

It also hasn't escaped notice here that Barry starts ever sentence with either "I" or "My".