Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Common Sense on Carry

Looks like it is a go! The parliamentary hurdles have been leaped and the Texas State Senate has approved a bill with an amendment that allows CHL (Concealed Handgun License) holders to carry their legal weapons on college and university campuses in the state system. The governor has long expressed approval of such a law and will undoubtedly sign it. The provision had already passed the Republican super-majority in the House. Looks like a done deal.

Senate In Party Line Vote Acts Sensibly

Naturally the academic nambies are all in a twist by the very idea that there MIGHT be a gun in their presence with such a law. It was incredible to watch PhDs with massive intellects argue against the proposal with such lame propositions:

  • I'll feel uncomfortable knowing there might be a gun around. 
    • Somehow you don't feel uncomfortable at the mall, the grocery store, the movies and Mickie D's surrounded by half a million CHL holding Texans? 
    • Somehow you don't understand that there are guns around you even in gun-free zones because criminals don't follow the rules? 
  • We won't be any safer with trained/armed/background-checked CHL holders among us.
    • But you're OK with untrained/armed/bad-guys among you? 
    • You're confident that campus police will be there to bail you out? 
    • You don't remember that the community college campus doesn't have any campus police?
    • You know that crawling under a desk with your butt in the air will make you invisible and the deranged shooter will pass you by? 
  • Police won't be able to distinguish the bad-guy shooter from good-guys trying to help.
    • But they can distinguish at the bank, the mall, the grocery store, the movies, etc.?
    • You believe you can survive for several minutes of undefended shooting by a nut-job until the police arrive, set up a perimeter and don their SWAT gear? 
I've been in the community college teaching business for about 14 years now. I've got it very clear in my mind that some of these kids are already well off the tracks. Their realities are badly skewed and one takes their word only if extremely naive. They do what they want, they have an expectation of getting away with things and their view of how to correct situations is badly shaped by video games, movies and hip-hop music. I've spent class sessions talking about "what-if" scenarios for my classes and encouraged them to think in Condition Yellow (I don't use that term though as it is politically incorrect, Col. Cooper.)

It will be good to carry legally on campus in the future. 


Anonymous said...

you think this is a good idea? You people are goofie then i thought. Let's see how good you think it is when some crazy shoots up half the faculty or campus with his concealed weapon

The Donald said...

Not saying that it couldn't happen there, Anon, but if one cares to look at the situation objectively, the statistics don't make your argument, as it's not the crazies who have the CHLs.

Other than death, there's no guarantee in life. Rationally, then, my odds are better if I, or someone in my proximity, am/is armed and well-regulated (which means well-practiced).

Hoplophobes are an odd bunch, IMHO. Most of the so-called 'gun nuts' I know are people of honor and chivalry who would put themselves at risk to protect someone else, even the aforementioned CS (barnyard fowl manure) hoplophobes who would deny them that very right.

juvat said...

Anonymous, you mean like Va Tech or Columbine? Those concealed carrying crazies? Because I'm pretty sure the law prohibiting legal carry damn near stopped them from those shootings. OK, maybe not, but I'm absolutely positive it kept their victims from having any chance of defending themselves.
Back under the rock, troll! (oh, and brush up on grammar and spelling)