Saturday, May 28, 2011

Memo to Rudy

This morning, I fall to my knees in fervent prayer: "Dear Lord, please spare us this. Make him stop. Tell him you don't support him. Please!"

Rudy Doesn't Fill Void

Mr. Mayor, please take an hour or two to go back and review the tapes from the 2008 debacle. You were four years younger then and still riding on the popularity swell from Ground Zero. No one voted for you then and you bungled the operation badly. The heartland isn't seeking a faux-Conservative from the tax/spend capital of the world. Chardonnay and brie won't make it. We need some chicken fried steak and Shiner, please.

Perry Eases Door a Bit Further Open

Seriously folks, we've done pretty well with Presidents from Texas. Boots over Birkenstocks works for me.


The Donald said...

I have never understood the supposed support [by Republicans] for Rudy. If anyone's a poster child for RINO, it's him.

He conducted himself well during the aftermath of 9/11 - but this is not a man who should be POTUS.

Dweezil Dwarftosser said...

I'm sorry, but I don't see much of a difference between Rick and Rudy. Both are members of the insider-circle, and either are wishy-washy 'moderates' or outright RINOs.

Giuliani has shown excellent leadership abilities, usually unknown in those without a military background - but falls down on a number of social issues - which question his integrity in following the dictates of his religion.

Perry does much the same, though his failures run along different lines. (From pandering to Mexico over a transport-the-illegals-right-past Texas highway and rail system, to goofy support of non-evolutionary schemes in public schools, as if they were scientific.

I'd vote for either one of them over the Obamunist or Shrillary - but I really hate holding my nose to do so, when so many true Conservatives are so readily-available to the republicans this time around.

I'd actually rather vote for 'Larry the cable guy' over either of them: no bad political habits, and a hell of a lot smarter than any likely dumbocrat candidate.

BTW - Combat boots are fine, but pointy-toed high-heel cowboy boots are an affectation every day but halloween - and lesbian-preferred Birkenstocks are simply not in Rudy's repertoire.

Kevin said...

Boots over Birks works for me as well. I'll raise a Shiner to that.