Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Delay Does No Good

Now the debate rages on release of the UBL photos. The longer it goes on the more the conspiracy whackos will have to fuel their discrediting engines as being an eventual PhotoShop job.

What reason is given for not showing the photos?

Many Sets of Photos

"Sensitivities" of the Arab Street! Excuse me?

They are the ones who need to see it. They are the ones who need a clear image of what happens when you tug on Superman's cape. They are the ones who already detest us and seek to destroy our society.

How are they going to get more inflamed by the pictures? They should rejoice that their leader has died his martyr's death. They should thank us for helping him reach his reward.

And they should look over their shoulder wondering who among them is going to be next.

Respect me and fear me. You can learn to love me later.


Kevin said...


Anna said...

I concur. The ventilated pictures of Uday took the starch out of many Iraqi dead-enders.

Obama needs to read Machiavelli instead of Alinsky.

wv - flogr Aint that a MiG-23? Or what Code Pinko accused us of doing to KSM?

juvat said...

And even if it take 10 years, we will still continue to hunt you down and kill you. Got to wear on your ideology don't you think?

Murphy's Law said...

The same media that demanded Abu Ghraib photos and pics of our dead returning to Dover when they were needed to embarrass and defeat Bush seems to be going right along with B.O.'s new sensitivity. Kind of makes you wonder who the New York Times is really fighting--our enemies or Republican administrations?

Tam said...

Even putting them on the front page wouldn't do a thing to quell the deathers, here or abroad. There is serious Venn Diagram overlap between those people and the people that think the moon landing was faked, and nothing you can do or say will convince them it's not a conspiracy.

Further, if OBL took a 77gr Sierra Matchking to the cranio-ocular cavity at across-the-room distances, his face isn't going to be recognizable to an untrained human observer in those photos.