Sunday, May 08, 2011

Making Up The Law

There is a huge body of Constitutional law regarding the death penalty. The 8th Amendment has made the imposition of capital punishment an issue for adjudication. The result after more than 220 years is that under our federal system, the states can establish capital crimes and execute prisoners found guilty by a court of law. They are tried, their sentences meet specific conditions, there are multiple appeals and the procedural protocols are intensely detailed.

It's the law and it is clear.

So, does that upset the agenda of the President and the top law enforcement official in the land? Apparently not.

Take Their Drugs Away!

What purpose does this action serve? It certainly is not to "protect the general welfare"! The condemned has been afforded due process. The state has the authority. The drug is designed to KILL someone, so there can be no justification for seizure to protect anyone!

Why is this looking more and more like a totalitarian state in which they do whatever they want?


Murphy's Law said...

But Obama is a "constitutional scholar", so according to his followers, he has a greater understanding of and more respect for that document and it's ideals than any of us peasants and he would never do anything that is not in accordance with it.

immagikman said...

Just get over it and switch to the old reliable bullet to the brain, quick and efficient and cost effective.