Wednesday, May 18, 2011

OMG! Mayday, Mayday, Mayday

When is "news" not newsworthy?

How about this?

Missed Approach Reported


UPDATE: It gets worse in this video under the headline "Near Mid-Air for AF One"!!!


Anonymous said...

The mainstream media famously makes "missed approaches" regarding aviation facts, not bothering to check context or background.
Yet, they get correct spellings of hard to pronounce names of Chinese and Middle eastern diplomats etc.

...and doesn't Air Force One have autoland for cat II/III capability if it was needed?

immagikman said...

I said the same exact thing when I heard it on the radio as the "news" was breaking :P We have idiots in charge of the press and Im sure there is someone who will be genuinely concerned.

The Donald said...

Slow new day, maybe?

Guess it's easier and less likely to enrage the great unwashed masses (us) with real news such as that we should buy wheelbarrows, as before long we'll need them to carry the money to buy a Slurpee and a Ding-Dong at the 7-11.

Anyone else missing Bretton Woods?

Anyone remember Argentina?

The Donald said...

Mea culpa - news, not new day.

I guess I have a lazy finer on my lef han.

Egbdf said...

First time I heard it reported on it was called a "go-around," and I sort of sighed and said ho-hum. In media-think, I guess "missed approach" is higher up the hype curve. Hard to believe that there isn't an aviator among all those folks out there that pass over this stuff before it goes on the air. Maybe I've been away too long, but aren't we talking stuff that's in the 40 hours that one needs to get a private license?

Murphy's Law said...

So long as the pilot remembered to retract the flaps gradually instead of just slapping them all the way up like I did once on a go-around, I fail to see the problem here.

And is it just me, or does that stall horn actually get louder when you're that close to the ground?