Sunday, June 26, 2011

Get Fracked

I've commented about fracking before. The enviro-wailing that accompanies any exploitation of hydrocarbon based energy in the US is incessant. But, what are the facts?

This may be the clearest and most comprehensive refutation of the bleating that has been compiled for public consumption;

Fracking Myths Rebutted Soundly

Don't you just hate it when facts get in the way?


Ed said...

Love some of the enviromental comments. Apparently agriculture is a non polluting industry. What with all the dusty roads, methane gas, etc.

Ed said...

Hate it when you accidentally hit the return key before you are finished. I also wanted to add for the individuals that comment we should go back to horses. It seems to me the automobile was invented to replace the health problems associated with Horse s***.

immagikman said...

Its telling that just as the eco-nuts get ramped up on the NO FRACKING campaign that several Television Shows like CSI have their central themes based on the Crimes of the Energy Industry killing off whole herds of folks by poisoning them by using poisonous Fracking liquids.....only problem never happened and the stats prove it.
Of course most people believe the science in shows like CSI so they take this all as gospel...indoctrination of the masses at its finest, Goebels would be jealous.