Saturday, June 25, 2011

He's Not Afraid of Race

Want to be frightened this morning? Here's the Superintendent of the Chicago Police Department. You may wish to note that Chicago is both the home of the most restrictive gun laws in the nation and one of the highest crime rates in the inner city.

Federal Gun Laws are Racist!

Listen to the emotional, illogical rantings of a true believer who is more than eager to deny the Constitution of the United States. Watch the video to note early in the Supe's rant  the reference to "Father Phleger." You may recall him as the kook priest who was in the same mode as Jeremiah Wright.

Then catch the non-sequitur about Sarah Palin. McCarthy asks why, when he was copping in New Jersey, she was on television hunting Caribou in Alaska and not at the crime scene with him. Let me count the ways! She lived in Alaska. It was a filmed TV show. She didn't have a responsibility in New Jersey. The gang shootings in New Jersey were despite disarmament of the populace. Being there was his job. Being in Alaska some weeks earlier making a TV show was her job.

But, I digress from the core stupidity of the presentation.

The right of black people to have the means of defending themselves was enunciated in the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution after the Civil War. The Fourteenth declared that all born or naturalized in the US were citizens and the effect was, as described by Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas in Heller v. DC, to provide all African-Americans with the protections of the Second Amendment. Rather than an example of some sort of racism, the Constitution grants blacks as well as other citizens the right to protect themselves.

McCarthy confesses at the start of his rant that his police can't stop crime. Why is it then deemed logical that disarming the potential victims is going to be racist?

But it sure is emotional, isn't it?

And, why is the Supt. of CPD speaking on this sort of a topic to an audience in a Catholic church? Oh, that's right, it's Father Phleger's church.


The Donald said...

And no respecter of logic or reason either.

To call his rambling discourse 'disjointed' would be charitable.

Anna said...

Sounds like Phlegar's church needs to lose it's tax exempt status.

Dweezil Dwarftosser said...

I have to disagree, Anna - because Fr. Phleger may soon be MR. Phleger, banned from any priestly duties.

He has already been suspended (twice) for his twisted speeches, and removed from pastoral functions.
Cardinal suspends Phleger

Anna said...

Dweezil I was merely using the progressive left's bully tactic against non-liberal churchs against one of their pet priests.

I wish the Cardinal would defrock him.

Meanwhile in the PRC, the Communists continue to elevate to bishop 'Catholic' priests without Papal authority.

PickYourBattles.Net said...

Illinois is a clown show regarding liberty. Can't record public servant cops on a public highway performing their public duties, because that transparency gets in the way of their "private conversation." Citizens have no right to defend themselves from cops who enter their homes unlawfully. Corruption has ruined that state and the Constitution gets no air time.