Monday, July 13, 2009

Between the Lines

The superficiality of the mainstream media continues to amaze me. If you are in the cross-hairs they can create massive messages that say nothing about nothing and do it in a manner that implies much about everything.

Here's an example:

Mired in Scandal and Guilt, She Resigns

You couldn't expect less from the New York Times. They get wide distribution. Here it is on the MSNBC web page. A few minutes ago I read it in the Dallas Morning Fishwrapper.

I was captured by the headline, so I read it immediately. Wow, what a smoking gun. The Republican Governor's Association sent an envoy to lay down the law for Palin. They told her to...pregnant pause here...make a calendar for her activities, set aside time for family, and work on an agenda for Alaska which would get her re-elected.

Who would have thought it could be so significant? Is there anything in that triumvirate of political cliches that is an emergency directive?

Then they expound on the ethics complaints which have deluged her. She's been accused of everything from faking a fish photo to wearing a jacket with a logo on it! Heavy stuff which the assassination teams have piled on her. Nineteen complaints and Alaska state law mandates that even the most frivolous and trivial be investigated.

They NYT goes on about the time required to defend, the cost to the Governor personally and to the state, the damage to her ability to function as chief executive while responding, etc.

Then in one brief sentence, they reveal the truth. Fifteen of the nineteen charges have been dismissed as groundless and four are still pending. But, it is just one sentence and it is buried well down the column.

I said it before, and I'll say it again. She is a threat and they recognize it. Apparently the GOP leadership hasn't figured that out yet, but maybe they will in the coming months.


Buzz Barron said...

All the attention has been interesting to me also...if she were'nt a threat would they be giving her so much attention... Surely she realizes this... I'd certainly prefer her to "Dear Leader"...

Kevin said...

"She is a threat and they recognize it."