Monday, July 06, 2009

Only the Good Die Young

I'll shed not a single tear for the man who so incompetently put us in harm's way:

Robert Strange MacNamara Dead at 93


jjet said...

"Rot in hell!", sez I.

Klatuu said...

I rarely relish the death of any American. This is one exception. There's a party in Hell tonight, and Big Mac is bringing the blowjobs.

Kevin said...

For what it's wroth, I'll offer "Rest in Peace", as I do not believe that "Peace" is what he found on the other side.

I'm young, but I believe that at the end of the line, all a man has left is his name and reputation. He soiled both.

I feel for his kids. How would you like to be known as Robert McNamara's kid? Do they proudly state "Yes, he's my Dad!"?

Like Ed, my Dad, flew fastmovers out of Korat, carrying out McNamara's insane policies. And fortunately he wasn't one of the 58,000+; he came back. My Dad has a name and a reputation, and I'm damn proud of him!

I don't think McNamara's kids can enjoy that feeling.

On a side note, in light of his misdeeds, which often result in internal turmoil and an early demise, McNamara carried on for 93 years.

My Dad died at 56.

I guess the good really do die young.

jjet said...

"But to mourn his passing is unnecessary. We haven’t learned a thing from his life and crimes. We continue to trust our overseas wars and our patriotic souls to soft-handed, finely dressed, wire-rimmed statist intellectuals and pansy-hearted politicians, beholden to the lobbies of democracy, of national industry, of foreign interests, of empire." Karen Kwiatkowski, Lt Col, USAF (Ret)

Anonymous said...

Great quote, jjet!