Monday, July 20, 2009

Thanks, But No Thanks

Following the lead of her leader, SecState Clinton dutifully and abjectly prostated herself before the leadership of India, apologizing for the shameless emission of carbon dioxide by we regularly breathing Americans. Our products, technology and standard of living, she groveled, must be curtailed, reined in and abandoned.

Now, we so eagerly embrace that agenda (because Al Gore told us to,) therefore India should jump on the Luddite band-wagon and stop progressing as well. After five days in consultation, Ms Clinton gets this:

Are You Kidding Me? You Want Us to What?

That's right. They aren't drinking her Kool-Aid. They aren't about to stop their growth and economic advancement. They also aren't about to subject themselves to an arbitrary carbon tariff on goods they sell to the US.

How can they be so smart, while the Messiah and his minions are so stupid?


Buzz Barron said...

This is like living "The Emperor's New Clothes" story... but to take that a bit can a majority of the American people be so blatantly STUPID??? Doesn't say much about our gene pool, or system of education for sure.

jjet said...

"How can they be so smart, while the Messiah and his minions are so stupid?"

Ed, they are not "stupid". They're doing exactly what they've been told to do- finish the destruction of the economy, hence the middle class, thereby making us all dependent on the FedGov a la "Riders of the Purple Wage" by Phillip Jose Farmer.

Kevin said...

Ditto what Buzz said!