Saturday, July 11, 2009

Revolution Evolution

This Saturday Morning Rocker is a little more ironic than usual.

You may remember it from Forrest Gump, or possibly the Jefferson Airplane Woodstock gig or maybe just the album in the basement. The pictures are the irony. Look at them today through the prism of currrent events. You may not have lived through the '68 Olympics in Mexico City with the black power salutes. You might not be clear on who Malcolm X and Che Guevara were, but trust me they did not have "traditional" American values in mind when they spoke of revolution. The images of police chiefs in the street executing spies summarily and uniformed guardsmen arrayed against the people meant one thing in those days and something quite different on today's horizon.

There is a new call for volunteers coming and the Jeffersonian prediction of a roughly forty year cycle for revolutions might be right on time:


Buzz Barron said...

Hopefully, it's the end of that revolution that's coming, so let the counter-revolution begin...where can we sign up???

LauraB said...

You need that place up in Seymour. Closer, me thinks, to you than us.

We'll try to hold that old mission, I reckon. Better cannons, this time. And more of them. No?