Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Viewing Instructions

Tonight, your TV will once again be pre-empted by the pervasive Obama Show. It's sort of like a political version of American Idol. You find it on Tuesday nite, and sometimes on Wednesday and Monday as well. It runs anywhere from half an hour to three hours of uninterrupted entertainment. It is, as he reminded us yesterday, "not about me..."

Which brings me to the purpose of this posting. I described the game a few days ago. It is Orwellian in its simplicity. It is "reverse speak." Once you understand the basic rule it becomes as easy to comprehend as Pig Latin.

The rule is, whatever he says the opposite is what is true. When he pronounces that it isn't about him, you clearly recognize that is exactly what it is about.

When you watch his address to the nation about another non-existant crisis to be solved by another tax on the most productive citizens to add another couple of trillion dollars to the deficit, remember this:

If I Say it Is, It Isn't

Yes, if he says you can keep the coverage you currently are happy with, it means that you can't. If he tells you your costs won't go up, remember that they will. If he re-assures you that you can choose your own doctor, you definitely know that you won't. If he tells you there will be no rationing, believe that there will. If he explains that you will be able to make your own healthcare choices, be very clear about that lack. When he describes no loss of quality, know for sure that it will be third-world at best.

He hasn't read the bill. He won't read the bill. The members of the Congress won't read the bill. Only after it is rushed into law and the disaster begins to unfold in your life, will it become clear what has been done to you.

Sen. Jim Demint has suggested that if this can be stopped, it will be a Waterloo for the Messiah. I'm thinking that if it isn't it will be more like a Stalingrad.

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tballard said...

...and when he says "let me be clear" it is going to be anything but.