Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Inquisition

You simply outlaw thought which you disagree with. That's how you silence folks like Galileo or Copernicus. If your view of events is questioned you establish a czar (seems like we're getting a lot of those these days,) who declares the holy writ.

Billy Beck, over at Two-Four gives us some thoughts on who is handling the thought suppression tasks in Washington these days:

Resistance is Futile. You Will be Assimilated.

The whole purpose, as I see it, is to quell these pesky questions about global climate change (nee "warming"). If we don't get the issue resolved by papal decree, we won't be able to put sails on top of cars and windmills outside factories while we turn off our air conditioners and electric lights. The descent into the dark ages cannot proceed apace with lingering doubts about the science. In a debate between Al Gore and a couple of hunded climatologists, you have to have an umpire. That's where the Science and Technology czar wields his magic sword.

Care for a glass of hemlock with your theory of gravity? Want some privacy with that single shot left in your Luger to quell your earth orbiting the sun madness?

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