Monday, July 27, 2009

It's Only Business

If you ever harbored the notion that it was about athletics and role-modeling for the younger generation, you need only read this to be disabused of that error.

Does Anybody Want Him?

The NFL has been a cesspool of thugs and misfits for a long time. The disease seeps down into the college ranks and that dates back quite a while as well. Forgiveness is a virtue, of course, but morality is an absolute. Players should get suspended when they reflect poorly on the team. They should suffer penalties not only in the legal system but also in their profession when they act like sociopaths.

Michael Vick now has the blessing of the NFL to play football again. Is it possible that he is that rare a commodity that his behavior must be excused? It seems as though the league went on the last two years quite nicely without him.

The real question is not whether Commissioner Goodell is simply a tool with no judgment, but whether there is a team which is going to give Vick a job. I sincerely hope not.

And if there is such a team, I can only pray that the fans will boo him loudly, shower the field with their approbation and then rise as one to leave the stadium in disgust.

My hope will be dashed and my prayer will go unanswered.

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Anonymous said...

One wonders if sports figures' problems boost ratings? It's what the consumers want.

And there is the more conspiratorial interpretation that says it's the policy of the media corporations to dumb us down into a proletariat.