Sunday, July 05, 2009

Biden Blurt Avoids Backchannel

The Messiah thought it was safe for the weekend. He sent Joe to the Middle East and got him off camera so that he and Michelle could hog some limelight and fireworks for a while. Joe can't get into too much trouble when he's wincing about the tight fit of those new combat boots.

But, now he's back and on the news. Check this out:

No Need to Ask Us, You're Sovereign

What he says might be true, but he is the Vice-President of the United States and what he says on a major news program is viewed as administration position by the rest of the world.

Israel knows what is in their self-interest. They know the threat and they know their capability. They undoubtedly would advise, if not necessarily seek consent, before acting. That is basic. But Biden doesn't need to green-light on TV. He might be off the reservation on this. He might simply be bloviating. He might very well be tipping off the Islamic Republic of an impending operation.

Whatever. What the Veep needs to know is that this sort of message is best done backchannel, "eyes only" and not in the media.

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