Friday, July 03, 2009

I'm Not Sure...

When I watch a baseball game these days, I'm amazed that anyone still has the audacity to deny the involvement of modern chemistry in the professional athlete. When a mature adult becomes suddenly massively muscled over a year, you've got to suspect it isn't vitamins and dedication in the off-season. Pro-football players are an entirely different level. They resemble something from a science fiction movie about future warrior clones. Lots of 'roids involved.

So, I look at this and I wonder:

Now, I don't deny they are a talented duo. But when I compare them to some of the petite beauties that they compete against, I've got to wonder about their conditioning regimen. They are simply huge.

And, then when I look at some of the action pictures I flash back to those amazing East German women's Olympic teams when Gunter, Helmut and Lars...ooops, I mean Gertrude, Helen and Loretta, beat up on the rest of the world.

Are these two women at all?

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Buzz Barron said...

Ha, I think Jimmy "The Greek" Snyder explained it all pretty well several years ago, just before he was kicked off whatever liberal/commie channel he was on...