Monday, July 27, 2009

I'm So Relieved

She is disliked, distrusted, despised by more than seven out of ten Americans. That puts her right up there with the likes of Adolph Hitler, Sadaam Hussein and Idi Amin on the list of folks we wouldn't want to Facebook "friend" us.

She Could Modify Her Behavior

Of course she proudly declares that she doesn't care. She and her associates won the election and now regardless of what America feels or thinks, she will go ahead dismantling the country, socializing the economy, and disabling our freedoms.

I'm glad she doesn't expect me to like her along the way.


Anonymous said...

Several weeks ago when she was taking heat for her water-boarding lies she fled the country to get some sound bites with her ChiCom friends providing the smiling stage scenery. She made statements that were pretty questionable--perhaps connected with Cap-and-Trade--but the basic message was in the future everyone will be under scrutiny.

Doesn't her husband do mega million dollar (billion?) deals with the ChiComs?

Her constituency in the bay area are enablers of the worst kind. Imagine the collective dysfunction of several hundred thousand aging middle-class hippies? It's almost funny.

But what is not funny is Speaker Pelosi's power. We need a vocabulary to both reveal and accurately characterize her form of Communism. And we need satire to drive the point home.

Buzz Barron said...

Sadly, all true... The only thing I can think to do for the moment is to do as Clayton Williams, the man who lost to Ann Richards, advised women being raped...."Lay back and try to enjoy it". My only suggestion would be to give California back to Mexico, and New York back to the Indians...that'd be a good start. I was raised to hate communists, but I never thought they'd be running our country... At least Ed, you got to drop bombs on the little yellow version...