Friday, July 10, 2009

End of An Era

I'll admit it. I'm paranoid. But, I'm also an observer of events. Let's consider what is happening and how.

We've got a President with no executive experience and clearly socialistic ideas in office. He has a revolutionary agenda. So far he has dispensed $2.4 trillion dollars which we don't have to friends and supporters all around the nation on the promise that it will be the "wealthiest" who will pay the tab. He has quadrupled the national debt.

He has seized control of the major banking and mortgage industry, subsuming authority and dictatorially mandating hirings, firings and compensation limits. He has nationalized major components of the auto industry, fired a CEO, dismissed a board of directors and with the stroke of a pen abolished obligations to legal debt holders while simultaneously awarding ownership to his union acolytes. Most observers believe nationalization in similar fashion of the airline industry is next.

He is well on his way to creating a new market for exchange of a previously non-existant commodity, carbon, which will raise the cost of every facet of our lives. He will soon control the nation's fuels which drive our industry, propel our cars, light our homes and warm our bodies. In the process he will reduce the standard of living of every American man, woman and child. We will be asked to smile as we descend into third world status.

He is ramrodding the destruction of our health care system. He will reduce your benefits, decrease the quality of your care, ration access to medical services, destroy the insurance industry and raise costs. It must be done in weeks rather than through contemplative legislative or political process. Hurry.

There is disarmament lurking in the agenda. You and I know it. It will be enforced by a new civilian security force which may look a lot like Black Panthers in ACORN t-shirts.

Without a moments hesitation he flaunts an imperial life style, jetting to New York with the First Lady for a cool couple of millions dollars spent on dinner and a play. She visits Moscow with $6000 handbags and food banks in $500 tennies.

Through it all he appears unconcerned about a re-election. He doesn't build concensus, he dictates change. He huddles with our most vile enemies and undercuts democracy-starved revolutionaries seeking a better life. He isn't worried about pleasing the electorate even a little bit.

Why would that be? The answers that first come to mind are quite benign. He believes in his agenda and will execute it in four years. He will either be vindicated and re-elected by acclamation, or he will have completed his work and simply hand over a perfect socialist paradise to his successor. Believe that? No way!

Or, he could be fatalistic. He could have an ominous foreboding of early death. It has happened to presidents before. Even the best security can be breached. Do I believe that? No. He is one of those who truly believes they are immortal. He has no advisor to whisper in his ear during the triumph parade through Rome.

What I have suddenly realized is that we see emerging in America a situation in which he does not worry about re-election because there will be no election. We have seen the last Presidential election in the history of the American republic. Control will have been effectively seized, the people will be controlled, the levers of power will be firmly grasped and it will be all over. Presidente por vida!


immagikman said...

And there is the rub, its depressing for everyone but the Obama elite.

Buzz Barron said...

I certainly hate to appear to be a suck up, but once again I agree with every single word. I think you're exactly right. I've been feeling this way since about last's what people our age have been taught...we can see this one coming, and it surely is. As I said yesterday, I'm doing my best to chill, what else is there to do? If you think about it much you'd need to drink a lot or shoot yourself in the head before they try to take away your pistols.

Look, I'm hearing a whole lot of bitching going on, fine... Is the plan to try to win back a couple of Senate seats in 2010??? I don't know what to do about this...Vietnam was easy, I volunteered to go kill communists...I'm looking for the place to sign up again if you get my drift. thing you did forget to mention is the fact that your site is probably being watched, or will be watched. Don't be surprised to get a knock on the door sometime might want to reread "1984", it's all playing out.

Old NFO said...

Pretty much dead on the money- We NEED to make sure he is voted out in 2012, and the 22nd Amendment is NOT overturned!

Buzzman said...

Voted out...I'm glad you're still have faith in the system, REALLY! I really hope you're right, but I don't think so. It's all we can do right now....MICHAEL STEEL??? is our hope???

LauraB said...

Your final paragraph is perfect. And perfectly accurate.

He has no intention of proving he is eligible for the office and less intention of ever surrendering it.