Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Last Refuge

I don't doubt that there is racial prejudice in America. It still exists and we must be aware. But, I'm frankly also aware that there is a victim syndrome that immediately responds with indignation to any encounter with law enforcement. I'm talking about this incident:

Harvard Professor Takes Umbrage

The scenario, apparently was that the good professor couldn't get his front door open. He went in the back way and asked his taxi-driver to help him by pushing at the front door to free it. A neighbor saw the apparent forced entry and, as we are taught by Neighborhood Watch programs, called the police.

When they arrived, the door was open and the officer inquired of Professor Gates as to what had happened. Gates then went into full rant mode. Gimme a break. He isn't a victim, he's a Harvard professor.

Here is a more detailed description of the events:

A Fair and Balanced Report

Strange, isn't it, that the local reportage should be so brief and superficial while the Bloomberg coverage describes the police officer's report and description of the events as well.

I can't fault the cop for checking what happened. It would be dereliction of duty for him to have done less. I suspect that Gates' home wasn't some ghetto crash pad, so the officer didn't think he was at a crack house. I default to the view that the officer was at least initially respectful. And, I can only be appalled at the knee-jerk accusations of Gates to the incident.

But then, Harvard has become a showcase of politically correct education and the indoctrination of tomorrow's leaders in the philosphy of professional victimhood.

And, always in character, the Messiah admits he doesn't know the facts but concludes the police acted stupidly:

The Reality of His Post-Racist America

Apparently he is so prescient that facts don't apply to him. He speaks, therefore it is so.

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