Saturday, July 04, 2009

Taking Sides

It was definitely a blockbuster yesterday afternoon. Gov. Palin announced her intention to not run for re-election and then topped it with the announcement that she was resigning and ceding power to her Lt. Governor for the remaining 18 months of her term. The media and the bloviators revved up instantly. Most gathered to drive stakes through the vampire's heart and nails into her coffin.

One, however, took a different view:

The Risky Strategy Explained

The American people have short memories. They quickly overlook or forget wide stances in restrooms and cigars in the Oval Office. Scandals disappear and so far the Palin gambit isn't a scandal but merely an unusual tactic.

There is a lot to recommend the Bill Kristol viewpoint. Being able to forestall the constant court battles as the left attempt to undermine her will be a very positive outcome. Turning over the state to a Lt. Governor who is on the same sheet of music and bequeathing to him the mantle of incumbency is a grand gesture which bodes well for the state and can be couched in positive terms of unselfishness, devotion to the good of the party and reasonably controlled ambition.

The ability to move through the contiguous 48, meeting people, building staff, raising funds, getting into the policy loop on issues and being in the time cycle to respond to bogus MSM stories all mean a positive outcome.

It is risky, but there's a good chance it plays out well. No guts, no glory.

Or, she might go fishing.

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The Six said...

I believe she's trying to set herself up for a run at the nomination is 2012. Of course, I don't have a crystal ball but I think all the attacks she's endured have taught her some hard lessons. I think she's getting ready to start hitting back. If she takes on the mantle of leadership in the party it could be a very good thing. No current politician moves people, both the angry left and the supportive right, like Sarah.
I'm optimistic.