Sunday, July 12, 2009

Darwinism and the Descent Into Darkness

Life was normal and as it should be. A typical American teenager was traveling along life's path blissfully unaware of the sudden collapse which would await her next step. She felt secure, protected, not needing to worry about her future, then this:

R U dng NEthng? Cya! EEEEk!

What can you say but, "Duh!"

She could have walked into a wall, stepped off a curb into an oncoming truck, knocked an elderly person off their feet, impacted a pregnant woman, stepped in dog droppings, or twisted her ankle on the edge of the sidewalk. But, in her case, she simply fell into an open manhole...ooops, make that a personnel access opening.

What comes next is the real descent into darkness.

"It was just really gross and it was shocking and scary," she said. "Because of their careless mistake I got hurt."

See, it was their fault. Not hers.

She will sue. She will win. She will continue being stupid. Hopefully she will choose not to reproduce.

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