Sunday, July 05, 2009

Some Texas History

Some serious music:

They say that in the darkest days of his effort to extricate us from the unpleasantness in Southeast Asia Richard Nixon would view the movie "Patton." I watched it again last night. It is one of those great flicks that reveals something new to me everytime I see it. There is no question that Patton was a warrior and not comfortable in the nuanced world of the careerists. We could use some more like him these days.

I doubt that the Messiah could identify with the message of "Patton" or its relevance to the America he seeks to create. But, maybe here is a movie he could spend some time with:

There is a lot of that spirit remaining in this country. He should recognize it for what it is and compare it to the sniveling sycophants with which he seeks to direct this country. We will find our Travis, Bowie, Crockett, Sequin and others like them.


LauraB said...

"We will call THAT Texas..."
Good on ya, Sir.

immagikman said...

Obama wouldn't understand the Alamo any more than he would Patton, in his eyes it is just more white guys taking what isnt theirs from brown people.

His comments this weekend regarding the future of the world not belonging to those who have armies and missiles shows him for the clueless protected and coddled elite he is. He has zero connection to real life.

Buzz Barron said...

I'm simply waiting for someone to take their sword and draw the line in the sand... I've had a belly full, and am just waiting until 2010, hoping we can take back something... At some point we're going to have to take back our country, at any cost.