Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Common Sense in Short Supply

It isn't breaking new that the Congress of the US possesses little in the way of logical thinking or common sense. That is why the flaming non-sequitur in this piece should jump out at you:

Applying Full Faith & Credit Clause to Concealed Carry

Thirty-nine states, the last time I checked, now have "shall issue" concealed carry laws. Of the entire fifty states, only two have no allowable concealed carry for their citizens. We don't seem to be suffering from a lot of shoot-outs on the streets by legal concealed carrying citizens. In fact, as Dr. John Lott has documented in excruciating detail, the presence of legally carrying citizens has reduced violent crime wherever it is enacted.

Now, Sen. John Thune suggests that we apply the "full faith and credit clause" of our Constitution to concealed carry permits. That clause provides that each state shall give "full faith and credit" to the pronouncements of the other states. It is why your driver's license is valid when you travel across state lines. Your CHL should be as well.

A licensed carrier has been trained, vetted and authorized by his/her state. Why should they be subjected to a web of "gotcha" laws as they attempt to cross the country? Thune's bill specifies compliance with the visited states, so there is no loss to the state's laws. Thune's bill specifies that the two no-carry states will still be criminal refuges to prey upon the unarmed.

Why then does NY Sen. Chuck Schumer assert that millions will be endangered? What evidence can he offer to support this assertion? Why does he believe that when I drive ten miles across the Red River to Oklahoma I will suddenly become a gun-crazed criminal endangering all around me?

Where is his common sense? Oh, wait, he's a Democrat from NY. Never mind...

Update July 22 PM: The Thune Amendment failed. Vote was 58 in favor, 39 opposed--a super-majority of 60 votes was required.

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immagikman said...

While in THEORY you can have a concealed carry permit, in reality only Law Enforcement, Money Couriers and Drug Sales persons are EVER issued permits.

There may be more NO CARRY states than meet the eye. Just FYI