Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Sound of Wagons Being Circled

There is an obligation of leadership which folks in the military learn very early. You demand that your people do their job properly and when they are questioned about their performance you defend them vigorously. When you know your boss is behind you you can do your job aggressively and without hesitation.

That's why this is so disturbing:

Fostering A Cult of Cover-up

There has been a lot of information released about enhanced interrogation techniques. There have been attorney general opinions. There have been manuals describing application and limitations to be observed. There have been Congressional briefings repeatedly. There has been, apparently, a bit of reluctance to admit that what they knew and when they knew it was everything and for a long time now.

So, when she's caught out trying to deny awareness and approving of EIT, Speaker Pelosi comes back and says she was lied to. Then we have documents provided that explain what, when and where she was briefed. She doesn't like that. She calls for loyal Democratic party functionary, Leon Panetta to report to the intelligence committee and support her.

Leon, you see, is now the director of the CIA. He's the current boss of the briefers. Ignore that he is a party hack who replaced a major general with a career in intelligence work. He's now the expert. Leon stands up for his troops. He says it is not Agency policy to lie to Congress. That sounds consistent with the facts. But, Speaker Pelosi is not acquitted by that testimony.

So, we have seven Democrat congress-critters send a letter to Director Panetta. It is a back-channel letter, not on offical Congressional letterhead. It says "we were lied to and you need to find confirmation of that to keep us out of trouble."

That gets Panetta bailing out on his leadership responsibility and undermining the reliability of the most senior staffers in the CIA. Good boy, Leon. That's covering for your troops. That's improving the country and keeping us safe. That's going to do a great job of motivating the guys back at Langley to speak the truth to power.

The new script for briefing the Democratically controlled Congress will be, "Good morning ladies and gentlemen of the committee. What do you want me to say to protect you from the truth?"

Where's Jack Nicholson?


Buzz Barron said...

Well, of course you're right. I'm not sure what good bitching is doing at the moment. I'm trying to chill for the 2010 elections, hoping that will change things. If you think about it Clinton strongly hinted for a third term...but nobody was listening...I was. This president must be neutered throught congressional elections, you know that I know that. But, his friend Hugo and his soon to be friend from Honduras are making his case. Trust me in this, he is going for the to speak. We're dealing with a real communist here, READ HIS BOOK. Now, I wonder how we'll deal with that fact. We'll see. What we need is some leadership...of which we don't this point I'd follow Sarah...but hopefully someone else will emerge...but WHO??? We've got a real problem here...and they thought the "domino theroy" was bad...we have it in our back yard for hevens sake...

Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

Buzz brings up a good point--well, several. Sarah is OK for now--a figurehead to rally round. But she better be a lot tougher than a pitbull with lipstick. We need a politician with at least 25 years in Congress and/or the military--someone with contacts, someone with a smart organization. In short, we need an ass kicker, because you know once they get their "systems" in place these commies are going to be BITCH to clean out. Nuff said.