Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Some Things for Your Letter to Santa

So, what do you get for Christmas every year? A tie? Nobody wears ties. Some handkerchiefs? Oh boy, I can hardly wait! Maybe a cardigan sweater, so you can do your Mr. Rogers impressions in costume.

Nah. A tactically oriented individual needs some manly hardware. How about some accoutrements for the home defense equipment? Something to keep you refreshed as you wait out the storm troopers outside your adobe churchyard?

That's right, nothing says sportsman like a beercan holder for your M4.

That's a bit tongue-in-cheek. Everyone knows the recoil would shake up the beer and make it foam over. Besides, in a tough engagement the barrel heat would warm the beer and make it less than refreshing.

But, maybe there are some things you really could use. Check the latest out over at Wired:

Wild Gadgetry for the Well-Outfitted Sniper

May I suggest you set your iPhone to silent?

1 comment:

The Six said...

And just when I thought I was a big enough geardo. Now I just gotta have that cup holder!