Thursday, July 02, 2009

Get Over It!

Do you bother trashing someone you don't worry will ever succeed? Do you spend any time concentrating on someone who is no threat? Who do you focus your energy on? Is it your strongest competitor? Your worst nightmare? The evil that could come to pass or the one that is recognized by all around you as little more than a childhood bogieman? You reserve your efforts for serious threats.

You've heard about it all ready, I'm sure. It runs a cool 10,000 words--that's well beyond the lifetime articulate production of most of my students. It is a monumental collection of pseudo-damaging quotes, hearsay and innuendoes. Read it for yourself:

Vanity Fair Fills the Void With the Barracuda of Wasilla

I don't know what they are afraid of. But quite clearly Governor Palin remains high on their threat list. Why do you suppose that might be? She's attractive, vibrant, young, conservative, successful in an executive position, outside the Beltway, connected to the heartland and realistically (not idealistically) familiar with conservation, preservation and natural resources. She's not Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, Ginsberg, Clinton(s), Kennedy or anyone like them.

Is she the future of the GOP? I kind of doubt it. I don't see them getting out of their "good ol' boy" cycle of back-slappers, insiders, glad-handers and philanderers. Too bad. We could do worse. And, they are scared of her.


Carter Kaplan said...
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Carter Kaplan said...

She has all the positive characteristics you mention, but she remains an outsider because at bottom she is inept. It's not for lack of talent or brains, but you can spot it a mile off--she lacks discipline and doesn't do her homework. I am sure over the years you've seen flight students like this. They have talent, speed and brains, but they don't study, don't progress, don't mature....

If she had the discipline she could control the party--she could make the party fall in line, but as it is she is something of a lose cannon, an embarrassment, and, importantly, she draws energy and resources away from efforts that will advance the party. They are afraid of this, and also they are afraid of what might happen if she got disciplined, tightened up and got moving. I don't think she has it in her, quite frankly.

Ed Rasimus said...

Carter, it appears as though you've been sipping at the Kool-aid offered by the MSM. She did enough homework and organization to wrest the governorship from an incumbent. She's balanced the budget, kept taxes low, been pretty successful at rooting out corruption and along the way managed a family--something that seems conspicuously beyond the capability of the current crop of Washington satyrs on either side of the aisle.

Even if you are right (which I challenge) she has accomplished a lot more than the incumbent in Washington, but he had a party eager for his brand of neighborhood organization.

Carter Kaplan said...

Your preaching to the choir here and I agree (except for the kool-aid part) but still, assuming she wants to be VP or even P, she has to tighten up and brush up her act, IMHO. By rights she should be very popular--but there is something she still needs to do. What that is, I don't know, and apparently neither does she. Q.E.D.

Well, maybe I do know: she needs to appeal to a broader base, even inside her own party, and she has to more effectively manipulate the press. Does she study these goals? And can she do it?

Allow me to retract my concluding remark above, and instead pose it as a question. How is she going to pull it off?

Kevin said...

Ed, I agree; 110%.
She may not be the most charismatic to those taking life's direction from the idiot box, as she often fumbles with articulation, but I personally believe her character and values are sound, and that's hell of lot more than I can say for most of the knuckleheads running the halls of politico these days.
Not to mention, the more BOTH sides train their guns on her, the more I like her.

Hippo said...

Palin is bailin'. Warriors don't run from a fight. Suspicions confirmed that she was the wrong "wingman" for McCain.