Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Strange Bedfellows

Escaping N. Texas for cool country yesterday took me to Colorado Springs, my home of 20 years. Along the way there are railroad tracks paralleling the highway for much of the route. The only thing they seem to carry is coal trains. Not a rolling boxcar did I see for the entire day.

I looked at the load data as the cars rolled by. A single coal car carrys a load of 110 tons--most cars indicate load limits in the range of 235,000 pounds. That's a lot of coal. Each train runs around 100-120 cars long. You do the math, I'm confused by numbers with all those zeros. They are pulled by three engines and pushed by two. When you run the road for a long way, you notice that there is a continuous stream of trains running at intervals of four or five miles between them. Are you starting to comprehend a lot of coal?

This activity goes on 24/7.

Now, consider how many people work to mine all that coal. Now, think of the machinery involved in that mining. How about the number of people building it? Now add the railroad cars and engines. Add the folks in that industry plus the ones who build and maintain the railroad infrastructure for the coal industry. Literally several million people are in that industrial chain.

The function of all that coal is to feed a significant number of America's power plants. They light our homes and power our lives. I'd be willing to bet that most of those miners, rail workers, machinery factory workers and electrical generating staff are union workers.

This flow of fuel was only the chain from Wyoming to Colorado, New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma. Add similar chains for the Utah/Arizona mines, the Minnesota mines and the Pennsylvania, Virginia, W. Virginia, Indiana, etc. mines. You've got lots of people whose jobs are related to that coal.

Now consider the cap-and-trade environmental proposals and the Messiah's clearly stated intention to wean us off of coal (which we possess in extreme abundance as a nation.)

These union workers in an industry which he has vowed to destroy overwhelmingly supported this President.

What's with that?


immagikman said...

Because they are morons?

Honestly how bright can people be, supporting someone who clearly states his intention is to kill their livelyhood? Whats more they allow their Unions to spend millions of their dollars in support of this person called the President.

Kevin said...

In my opinion, the stereotypical union worker is 1) entitlement-minded, and 2) a party voter (i.e. if the union suckles the Bamster's teet, then their minion will vote accordingly).

The Six said...

I think it's mostly the union leaders that are suckling at the federal teat and the members are being silent. Those leaders will sell out the rank and file in exactly the same way our politicians are selling out their constituents. The union members need to do just what we've been urging the average American to do, stand up and be heard. Good advice for SEIU and UAW members.