Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pay No Attention

It is a charade. It is great theater with bad actors. It is the confirmation debacle of Sonia Sotomayor.

I'm not a lawyer nor do I play one on TV. I didn't stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night either. So, I rely on wiser folks than I to parse the incredible performance of day one. Here we see some of it:

What Does A Judge Really Do?

She is rehearsed. She is rote. She is dull, both in affect and in intellect. She requires us to believe that the now infamous "wise Latina" line was simply an attempt at motivating her audience and her core principles are different. But, she successfully sublimated those core principles at least half a dozen documented times. "Ignore what I said repeatedly over the years and believe what I've learned to say today!" I can't do that. All I see is the lies.

The Senate has turned down nominees before. They have blistered minority candidates without compunction. They have shown that they are able to bring a level of vitriol unprecedented to bear against a conservative nominee even if they are black, Hispanic or female. They could ignore that the case in point today is Latina.

But, unfortunately they won't because this lame appointee comes from the Messiah and she is undeniably a step down the road he wishes to travel.


Anonymous said...

She is a fraud, just like the liar who appointed her.

New evidence pertaining to the liar's actual birthplace:

According to the story, Army Major Stefan F. Cook is refusing to deploy to Afghanistan on grounds that because the liar is not authorized to act as Commander in Chief; moreover, there is an argument that following the liar's orders may make US military personal subject to international tribunal and trial for war crimes because of said liar's lack of authority.

Anonymous said...

And now this! Cook's oder has been revoked without explanation!

Obama's lawyers know they can't fight this one. Litigation will force the issue of the birth certificate. If more soldiers follow Cook and refuse to deploy it will be interesting.