Monday, July 13, 2009

Revisionism in Action

I was a Cold Warrior and also a participant in the hot variety. But, I lived through the entire period from a childhood during World War II through the occupation of Japan and Germany to the rise of global communism and the arms race that eventually led to bankruptcy of the Soviet Union. I remember "duck and cover" drills in school and the launch of Sputnik as Telestar efforts routinely crumbled on the launch pad. When the family went down to the Chicago lakefront in the summer, we drove past the Nike-Ajax missile emplacements. In college AFROTC I went through SAGE sites and saw air defense interceptor forces on alert. On Tuesdays at 10:30 AM the air raid sirens blew every week when I was in elementary school.

On active duty I was trained in nuclear weapon delivery and the targeting strategies. I traveled the world, read the papers, worked with our allies and lived with the bomb on my jet. I know about the Cold War. My professional, non-aviation education is in political science and international relations. It wasn't benign and it wasn't simply athletics and astrophysics. It was a battle of economics, military might, ideologies, dictatorships and democracies. It was a basic battle of good versus evil, as simplistic as that sounds. And harbor no doubt about it, we were good and Stalin was evil.

Here's commentary on the recent "reset" by the Messiah in Moscow:

It Wasn't a Zero-Sum Game!

I'm still proud of my part in the battle. I'm still proud to be an American. I'm still proud to have been a warrior. But, I grieve for what this man is doing to my country and our proud heritage. He grovels, he panders, he corrupts and the masses applaud him. It disgusts me.

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Buzz Barron said...

In reading this I was shocked as I've said the same things several fact I was explaining this, how we were raised, to an Aeroflot Pilot I met last month in Washington D.C. It was refreshing to meet a man in Washington who admitted he was a Communist, and liked Moscow.

We're in a realy hard place here. All we can do is "lay back and enjoy it" as Clayton Williams put it.

I wish there were something more that could be done other than be sick over the spot we're in...

It's a fact, 52% of the American people are stupid...