Saturday, August 22, 2009

Classless Society

America used to take great pride in pointing out that we were a "classless society"--one in which there were no distinctions made based on our status of birth. We could be mobile, rising or sinking as our merit earned. Now, the simple phrase denotes that we are increasingly a society without any class.

The ubiquitous "gimme" cap, worn from morning til night and not removed for meals, indoors or national anthems is one symbol. The drooping pants exposing the three day old boxer shorts, but mercifully slowing down the thug when fleeing police is still another. The once cute, but now obscene slogan-bearing T-shirts. The pre-pubescent whore getups of the fourth grade girls in schools...

And, who would have ever imagined Jackie Kennedy, Mamie Eisenhower, Nancy Reagan, or Laura Bush going out in public in a foreign land to represent the United States in this get-up:

Can we get someone at the White House to take them aside and offer some guidance?


juvat said...

Hell, Ras, I can't imagine even Rosalyn Carter or Hillary Clinton stooping to that level of uncouth.

Anonymous said...

There's a great satire/science fiction film that speculates about where all this dumbing down is headed.


"The film tells the story of two ordinary people who are taken into a top-secret military hibernation experiment that goes awry, and awaken 500 years in the future. They discover that the world has degenerated into a dystopia where advertising, commercialism, and cultural anti-intellectualism run rampant and dysgenic pressure has resulted in a uniformly stupid human society devoid of individual responsibility or consequences."

Must see.

Anna said...

Ras, sounds like at least an episode of 'What Not To Wear - White House Edition.'

Anon, to quote Mark Twain - "Sounds like a herd of cows after the last coyote has been shot." And that is what the progressive agenda for school education is creating.

immagikman said...

Just goes to prove, you can give people money but you cannot give them class. This first couple is the epitome of no class.

WV: flati fill in your own definition :D