Thursday, August 06, 2009

Wheels Coming Off

It is pretty tough to turn on the news this week and not get some viddie of a townhall meeting degenerating into a shoutdown by citizens expressing their opinion of the health care debacle. This is clearly why the Messiah didn't want the congress-critters to go home for recess where the voice of the people might be heard.

The efforts to control this meltdown are very old school. Some are so outrageous that even the morlocks and eloi of the country are becoming aware. Try this on for size:

Forward All Disagreements to the White House Gestapo Office

Isn't that special? Swap an email about your healthcare opinions and get reported to the thought police. Isn't that a particularly American way of doing business? Big Brother, however, is still dependent upon you ratting out your neighbors. They will have to get on the ball and get more monitoring equipment installed in our homes next year.

Meanwhile, the seniors who are expressing outrage are characterized as some sort of unwashed partisan shills who don't represent the 80+% of Americans who are happy with their healthcare. That's right, you are just a party mouthpiece and not really a citizen.

I wonder how they never got upset by the Code Pink loons who used to disrupt Republican meetings.

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jjet said...

I'm using the email address ( when I come across an
" email this article" or when I need to clean out the spam folder.

Overload the Thought Police.