Friday, August 07, 2009

Democracy in Action

So, get yourself a dozen union goons tipping the scales at 250 pounds plus and simply silence the voices:

In Denver speaker Pelosi calls it "the democratic process"--somehow ignoring the fact that people are upset, angry and not supporting the Messiah's agenda:

Talk to the hand!

When they disagree with you simply spin them as rioting kooks. The MSNBC approach to this is so obviously biased and in the tank for the Messiah that it makes one want to throw bricks at the screen.

See, it should be clear. If you don't want a government bureaucrat prescribing your demise when you really need a doctor, then you aren't entitled to express that opinion in modern America. Yeah, we've got to "reform" and stamp out free enterprise profit-making. Ptui!

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Buzz Barron said...

Well, I'm still six one and tiped the scales at 222 this morning...I can't wait to meet a Union Goon...please bring them on... And Old farts don't mess around if you know what I mean......see Gran Torino... I don't have a M1 Garande...but I'm okay...