Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It Isn't Altruistic

I've never had the slightest inclination to sign up for AARP. They send me propaganda almost monthly. They tout all of the advantages I would get from membership, like discounted motel rooms. I frankly prefer places that offer a veteran's discount or NRA rake-off. I don't need their discount.

When you watch the group, you find out pretty quickly why AARP attracts their base. They are advocates of social welfare. They are an interest group that demands government take from the successful and dole out to the old folks. That is attractive to a lot of elderly, particularly those on fixed income who scrimp to get by. It's still redistribution of wealth and socialism, however.

Now, their true colors are exposed. They are big Obamacare supporters. And, they are paying a price.

We Aren't Concerned. We Don't Need Them.

The group is shedding members like an elm tree in autumn dumps its leaves. But, they clearly state that they don't care what those former members want. They, like all liberals, know what is best for you.

What's with that?

Stop and think about AARP for a minute. What are they most known for? It isn't motel discounts, is it? It is for supplemental insurance to fill the inadequacies of Medicare!

What is Obamacare about? It is about reducing federal expenditures for Medicare--hence more folks needing a healthcare supplemental policy. It is about stretching the leaky Medicare umbrella over 40 million more folks who will now be potential AARP insurance clients.

By jumping big on the Obama bandwagon, AARP is securing their place at the table when the socialization bill finally gets into law. They will be primed to be the largest supplemental insurance provider in the nation.

It is pretty clear why they don't worry about those fleeing members. It's all about the Benjamins, not the grandmas and grandpas.


The Six said...

I hate to admit this but I fell for AARP's nonsense. I signed up July. I then cancelled a couple of weeks ago. I told the lady on the phone why and she got almost apologetic. I'm guessing it's worse than they're letting on.

Wolfpack Jack said...

S had AARP membership paid by her former employer. Now that we are on our own, I informed AARP last week that we would not be renewing as their left wing liberal views and support of BO are dimetrically opposed to ours. Their support of the democrat health care plan is their lastest and greatest blunder .

Shane said...

I was in my twenties when I figured AARP's game out. I decided then that I want nothing to do with them.

I ended up working at the USPS for a couple of years (hated it) and heard about a trick to get off a mailing list REAL QUICK. It seems they pay double first class postage to pick up those Business Reply cards. To keep their permit they are required to accept whatever has that label attached, whether it's a postcard, 2x4 or brick. I never went as far as the two heavier items, but I have it on good authority that others have utilized those and other items. I just stuffed whatever crap they sent me into the return envelope and mailed it off, never to hear from them again. I'm now in their target age range but they still don't send me anything.