Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Content of His Character

When things go badly, why is it never the fault of the individual politician? Admit it. Anyone has the potential to be a failure. The simple fact that being a successful politician has no relationship to being a competent administrator is somehow never recognized.

Think about it. What gets a candidate elected? They need personality. A bright smile, a firm handshake, some industrious supporters and the ability to convince some financial backers that it would be beneficial to them if they helped you get into office. You don't have to be able to actually drive the train!

Why then are we surprised when we find the wheels coming off? When it is pointed out that the individual is lacking in expertise, or to say it more succinctly they are incompetent, we get passive voice and scapegoating. Have you never noticed the preference for "mistakes were made" over the more accurate, "I screwed up"?

Then, of course, there is the vast right-wing media conspiracy. It is always a great fall-back position. Never mind that there isn't a shred of believability in the concept that the mainstream media is conservative. We've seen way too much evidence to the contrary. And, of course, you can always throw in the accusations of racism.

Try this on for size:

The Party Begs Him to Step Aside

Really now. Even a blind man could see the failures and deterioration of the state's financial situation since he took office. No pun intended.

Paterson insisted in the interview that he has made tough decisions to deal with the state's ballooning budget deficits while at the same time helping those most in need.

He noted that the state, despite its fiscal crisis, has not had to write IOUs or had its bond ratings drastically reduced, like California, and is not in as bad straits as Pennsylvania, Michigan or Massachusetts.

Note to Gov. Patterson: If the budget deficit is growing and the taxes in your state are among the highest in the nation, it might be time to suspend "helping those most in need." That policy is called income redistribution in progressive circles and Marxism in retro-conservative thinking.

Comparing your performance to CA, PA, MI or MA is like Government Motors comparing their efficiency to Yugo.

But, when in doubt, it must be because you are black.

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