Monday, August 24, 2009

Who Do You Believe?

Yesterday's Fox New Sunday with Chris Wallace was enlightening and very illustrative with regard to the state of our democracy. The big topic was the VA "Choices" manual. First he had Sen. Arlen Specter to demonstrate his tightrope walking ability. He's got to be cautious you see, because he's a Democrat now and must appear supportive of his President. But, he's trying to be strong on veteran issues at the same time.

Apparently the worst question you can ask a Congress-critter these days is, "will you make the public option mandatory for yourself and other members and leave your gold-plated, ultra-cushy, extra-expensive, guaranteed for your miserable lifetime Congressional special healthcare plan?" They have crafted a suitably weaselly answer: "Just as all citizens will be able to keep their current plans if they prefer, so also will I get that choice..."

Crawling Across the Desk

After Specter's obfuscations, the highlight of the show was an appearance by disabled woman combat veteran, Ass't Secretary of Veteran's Affairs Duckworth. Wallace asked her about the death counseling manual pointedly and repeatedly. She said it wasn't re-instated by the Messiah, actually it was removed from usage. Wallace had dates of Bush administration directives to remove it and Obama directives to resume usage and "update" the death book. Her view, despite the evidence was exactly opposite what was shown.

Wallace showed her a screen capture from the 14th of this month with the manual on the VA web-site. She said it was from 2007, despite the clear visuals.

Wallace showed her two verbatim quotes from the 15 page manual directing VA counselers to use the specific booklet, "Your Life, Your Choices". She said that wasn't what the policy was but that VA staff could recommend any book or materials--this despite the evidence of their own policy manual.

In the most remarkable demonstration of denial I have ever witnessed, Duckworth persisted in her lies regarding what Wallace was clearly proving repeatedly. It was an Orwellian New-Speak performance in which we were to be indoctrinated that black was indeed white and death was indeed life.

These people are disgusting and we are going to have to figure that out before they can do too much damage to the Republic.

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Buzz Barron said...

I won't be going to sick call at the VA choice. Before they wrote the dang book I thought they were trying to kill people anyway...what doctor with any ability would work for the VA? That's only my first about the liars...they learned that from Bill... These people have always been..nice word...socialists...since the other messiah FDR. Please no more compassionate with their heads!