Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Saratoga to Steamboat

Rode 125 miles from Saratoga WY to Steamboat Springs CO. It was a ride from 1880 to 2009. The quiet, frontier atmosphere of Saratoga's tiny main street exchanged for the bustle of modern luxury on the ski mountain. All of the way the beauty is incredible. One can look in almost any direction and see antelope. It would take twilight to bring the deer out.

One cannot help but be dazzled by the vastness that is America. My perverse side longed for a magic genie to take the regal Obama family by some mysterious warp of the space continuum and dump them on the open prairie two lane road in an environmentally approved eco-car with a 40 mile battery range and asking them to survive for two weeks.

He could keep his Blackberry--no bars there. He could take his government stimulus check--no place to cash it. He could take his 220 volt recharge extension cord--no place to plug it in. He couldn't take a gun, because private citizens don't need them in his world.

I'm betting he'd be good for about four days. That is unless the wolves, a grizzly, or a half dozen of the ranchers get to him first.

Nah, it won't happen. But I can dream.

Tonight it is a magnificent king sized bed, a Jacuzzi tub big enough for five, a glass of wine with a mountain view in a beautiful suite at the Steamboat Grand. Life is very, very good today.

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