Sunday, August 23, 2009

Too Much of a Good Thing?

Like many of you, I think I could eat bacon three meals a day and subsist quite comfortably until the cholestorol overload killed me. There aren't many things better than a properly made BLT, and what food isn't enhanced with a sprinkling of bacon bits. (No Bako~s please!)

But this may be a bridge too far:

Gimme a BLT with an olive.


The Six said...

Vodka - good
Bacon - very good
"Bacon infused Vodka"? - I'm guessing the thought tastes better than the reality.
Still, I'm up for a taste test Ed. We may need more than 1 bottle though.

Buzz Barron said...

Great idea, it'd go over bigtime at the State Fair!

Zocor will handle this...