Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday Rocker Part II

Some simply incredible footage here from the developmental period. Watch the sequence in a full-blown "departure" (that's swept-wing talk for a spin)--I did that one time through sheer airplane abuse and when I stopped abusing, it resumed flying.

Also catch the basket-jab and you will understand why boom-receptacle refueling is a whole lot easier than probe-and-drogue.


tballard said...

I never get tired of watching these types of videos. Thanks for sharing!

TheOtherLarry said...

Now that's one helluva handgun! Nice video.

From a retired controller.

Carter Kaplan said...

Great images. I am happy to see there are more and more videos of this aircraft available on the net.

It's remarkable how many discussion threads lead from this particular aircraft. In terms of history, technology, political science, even the "aesthetics" of aircraft appearance, the Thunderchief is a remarkably significant subject.

Hmm. Could be another "Great American Novel" to be written here.

Anna said...

Awesome footage. Was that Thud doing a practise nuclear lob when it pulled up as the payload released? Looks like one of the YF-105s stalling out while trying to get gas from a KB-50 flying at max speed. Why having tankers that fly fast is a good idea.

The Six said...

Great video Ed. I've been in love with the Thunderchiefs since I read Thud Ridge many years ago. I also think it's the best looking jet ever made.
Does that date me?

Ed Rasimus said...

Yes, Six it dates you. Thud Ridge was written forty years ago. My F-105 book, When Thunder Rolled was released in 2003 and went to #8 on Amazon sales (which is as high as Hillary's book with a lot less publicity!).

No Great American Novels forthcoming, Carter. The third book due out next May is a collaboration on the memoir of legendary fighter ace Robin Olds.