Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Hubris in Action

"Who ya gonna believe, me or your lyin' eyes?"

So, we've got a video of the Messiah talking about creating a government run single-payer health insurance mandate and describing his view that it will take a decade and a little bit to strangle all the private insurance companies out of existance.

That seems a smoking gun for most Americans who couldn't read or interpret written words. But, never underestimate the willingness to stand up with a straight face and tell you that isn't what you saw:

It Was a Blogger's Mash-up and Not What it Looks Like

Well, let's give Him the benefit of the doubt. Let's just consider what we've seen so far in the thousand plus page proposed bill.

It clearly establishes a government run health care plan for those who otherwise don't have insurance. It also quite clearly mandates that employers provide health care for their employees. It further fines employers who won't offer insurance. And it pays premiums for those who won't pay themselves. Either you qualify for a handout or you will be fined as well for failing to subscribe.

Government health care won't require co-pays or sharing as does private insurance, so folks will leave their current plans and migrate to government insurance. That will reduce the risk pool size for the private plans and make them unviable as a business.

So, you can believe the White House talking head/spin-meister or you can simply read the proposals and listen to the devious pronouncements of the Messiah. Your conclusions should be easy to reach.


Buzz Barron said...

I see you've been spending your time reading...cool...I worked, got an education, a job, with insurance, and worked my butt off thirty years...I have health care...and unfortunately I'm not looking for forward to "Sick Call" again.... I will say in Korat they told you if you don't need to go to the hospital, go to work...so I did. I'm not looking forward to what's coming like freight train...At least at 63 years old I haven't missed a day at work in three and a half years...what will happen to my 32 days of accumulated sick leave? I just hate these bastards...

The Six said...

This reminds me of a funny story I heard Richard Pryor tell. It's about the woman who caught her husband in flagrante dilecto. She runs out and he chases her down. When she confronts him he vehemently denies cheating. He is so forceful and unending with his denials she ultimately comes to believe it was all her mistake.
Too bad this punchline is on us.